Transit News Round Up (Feb 1, 2016) – Latest Industry Updates

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Cheap Gas Doesn’t Stop Cities from Embracing Big Ticket Transit Projects

Gas prices in the US have been steadily declining, but that’s not stopping cities from embracing public transit projects.  Voters approved 71% of transit related ballot initiatives in 2015.


New Mode Choice Model Helps Officials Make Stronger Case for Transit Improvements

This new research model takes into account many more of the factors that determine whether or not a person decides to take public transit, including cost, total time of travel, number of transfers, different transit schedules on different days, if a household has a car and if that car is being used by another household member, and so on.

Transit News Round Up: Latest Industry Updates

Our main focus last week was rounding up transit related conferences that will be held throughout 2016.

Bus and Charter Bus Conferences in 2016

Our roundup of bus and charter bus conferences includes conferences in the United States, Australia, Poland, and the United Kingdom ranging from local bus association marketplaces to international expos.


Public Transit Conferences in 2016

Our roundup of public transit conferences includes 11 conferences hosted by the American Public Transportation Association held in locations across the US, as well as conferences from the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association and IT Tech.  Topics include the legal aspects of running public transit, marketing, risk management, sustainability and more.


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