Increase passengers with GTFS

It is difficult for small airline companies to cut through the marketing strength of their larger competitors. Additionally, regional airline companies (although well known to locals) may not easily be found by tourists and are not presented as a viable alternative to other forms of transportation.

AddTransit allows smaller airline companies to become more visible to prospective passengers, enabling the passengers to identify the right flights to take and delivering online ticket booking services. We help you present the professional image that today's customers now expect.

Easier for your Customers, Better for You

As an airline you want to give your customers the best possible service, while at the same time minimising your costs. Using the same solutions you've used in the past just don't cut it. Today's new solutions involve customers self-serving as much as possible; giving them the information that they need to make decisions and allowing you to focus your one-on-one service on the areas that really matter.

Journey Planning

Although your schedule and routes maybe online, often they may be just mirror images of a paper based schedule. Customers today expect interactive journey planners, the ability to search mapping applications (such as Google Maps) and be presented with all the options. If your routes and schedules don't appear there, then you are not an option.

An internationally recognised standard(GTFS) means you don't need custom built software for your website and can leverage the strength of the world's largest software companies.

Using the internationally recognised GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) standard, we can translate your schedule and routes into a format that Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and app providers understand. This will allow your flights to be visible to prospective customers and plan their trips.

Real Time Status Updates

Passengers don't like flights being late, but they are happier if they can check on flight status. Whether it's a delayed departure or delayed arrival, it allows them and their friends and family to adjust their schedules leading to less frustration. Real Time Status Updates enhance your brand, as passengers and their loved ones can monitor and plan for the trip.

Online Ticketing, Bookings and Sales

Customers expect online ticketing from airlines. But online ticket booking and sales software is not the core strength of an airline. Spending time, effort and investment in the ongoing development and improvement of software that is custom built just for you is a time wasting exercise. Instead it is better to use shared software solution, where the software provider such as AddTransit can focus on delivering great software, while you focus on improving your airline.

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