GTFS Editor & GTFS Builder

Get your schedules appearing on Online Maps, Journey Planners and Apps

Creating your schedules and routes in the GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) format enables Google, Yahoo and App providers to easily include your data in their maps, journey planners and smartphone apps. The AddTransit GTFS Editor / GTFS Builder allow you to quickly create a GTFS file..

Create a GTFS file and...

  • Make your transit company more accessible to passengers
  • Reduce the need for paper based schedules, call centers and specialist IT services
  • Promote your services as an alternative to people driving their car

AddTransit offers cloud-based GTFS software, available 24x7 anywhere you have an internet connection.

With AddTransit, there's no need for MS Excel (XLS) spreadsheets, complex software and specialist support staff. And there's no need for you and your staff to learn the GTFS/data feed standard.

AddTransit's intuitive user interface makes it easy for you to create GTFS data files. You can enter your schedule data yourself, use one of our helpful apps to collect data or we can key/upload it for you. AddTransit is a GTFS Builder and a GTFS Editor which allows you to create and maintain routes, stops, and departure and arrival times.

We can help you host your GTFS file or you can host it yourself. When it comes time to let the online map, journey planners and app providers know that you now have GTFS available, we can help you through each step of the process.

GTFS is so powerful, as it removes the need for you to create and maintain company specific journey planning apps and hooks you into to the way your customers/passengers naturally perform their travel planning. The GTFS files can also be provided to multi-lingual apps and software that assists the disabled.

And when you are ready to take the next step we also offer GTFS-Realtime status, Vehicle Tracking and Online Ticket Booking Software.

Bring your schedules to life and try the AddTransit GTFS Editor/GTFS Builder today!

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