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Online Ticketing

Make sales 24 hours a day. Know your bookings ahead of time. Use industry standard security to accept payments.

Customers want to pay for your tickets online. It doesn't matter the size of your business, passengers are now expecting you to offer online ticketing and AddTransit gives you an easy to use solution that is built specifically for the transport and travel industry.

Transit ticketing has the complexities of the on-boarding and drop-offs, seasonal and event variations and the ability to add capacity if enough forewarning is available. An unused seat for a portion of a trip is revenue missed and a system that encourages optimal loading brings greater profit.

AddTransit's online ticketing allows you to make sales 24x7, turning people who are browsing your website into your passengers right there and then. It gives passengers the confidence that their travel plans are secure, and removes the need to worry about payment at times of travel. This is turn reduces the money handling that drivers and ticket sellers need to do and makes your staff more secure by decreasing the risk of robbery.

Use our ticketing software for all your ferry, bus, shuttle, train, plane (or any other transit ticketing need you can think of)!

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