Tour Operators

Tour reservation & Bookings. Online ticketing 24x7

In today's competitive landscape, you can gain or lose a customer in a heartbeat. Attention spans have become smaller and if you are visible to your customers on their preferred site and device, you may miss them completely. Additionally if they are not kept up to date on changes, then this immediately results in negative comments on social media and challenges for your customer facing staff.

AddTransit gives you the tools to keep your customers informed, make bookings 24x7, manage capacity and update your customers if and when changes do occur. By providing a simple to use interface based on internationally recognised standards and then setup to meet the needs for your unique business, we help you deliver a professional service and provide you the tools for when you are ready to grow.

Your Customers

Your customers now expect you to provide an online service that is available 24x7, provides the functionality as seen in major corporations with the payment security of a bank. We help you exceed these expectations, allowing you to get on with delivering great tours.

Helping prospective passengers plan and book

Some customers are happy just "going with the flow", but many now want to know and plan their tours in detail. AddTransit gives you the tools to make your schedules and routes visible to major search companies such as Google, as well as smaller mobile app providers. This allows customers to self-serve, to plan and book with as little or as much information as they want to know. Combined with our online booking platform, this allows them to turn a whim into a ticket booking, without needing to wait for office hours or for phone operators to be available. AddTransit speeds up the transaction which reduces the likelihood of drop-offs and increases your chances of making a sale.

AddTransit gives you the tools to meet customers' expectations today and tomorrow, allowing you to get on with delivering great tours.

With AddTransit, customers can quickly plan, pay and confirm their booking. We can even enable them to tell their friends through social media about the tour they are taking, indirectly acting as promoters of your company.

Keeping them informed

Things change, sometimes for the better and often for the worse. A vehicle is delayed, a stop is moved, a trip is cancelled due to unfavourable weather conditions. Keeping your customers informed with AddTransit's real-time status allows them to know what is happening and adjust their plans accordingly.

Your Team

Most companies say their team is a key component to their success, but many companies don't give them the software to be successful. AddTransit enables your team to focus on the tasks that matter.

Making their jobs less mundane

Putting your schedules online and providing real-time status updates, reduces the amount of simple queries and ticket purchases that your team has to handle. This allows you to refocus your team on high value, complex and upsell tasks.

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