GTFS-Realtime Status Updates

Give customers the information they need
with GTFS-Realtime Status Updates

You know the saying "In the absence of information, rumour and annoyance fills the vacuum." Well, now there is a solution. GTFS-Realtime status updates enables you to keep your customers informed. And informed passengers tend to be happier passengers.

You also know providing real time information used to be costly. It involved significant hardware installations at each departure and/or destination location. But the mobile internet has removed the need for the hardware installations.

Realtime Status updates for passengers

Using AddTransit's realtime status you can update customers via their mobile phones. This enables passengers to get the information that they need, wherever they are. They can check status before leaving home, office or party. If there's a service change or trip alteration, they can adjust their plans. If boarding has changed to a different platform or stop, or if their bus, train or ferry is running late they can arrive at the right time at the right place. Realtime status allows you to keep your customers informed when delays occur.

So, what can you communicate with GTFS-Realtime? Some examples include: weather issues, technical problems, and alterations due to police, medical emergencies or maintenance. You can tell passengers if the issue is system wide, route specific or just applies to a single trip or location. You can also tell them whether the service has been cancelled, delayed or if additional capacity has now been added.

Realtime status can be communicated to the customers multiple ways. Once you have a GTFS file created, you can make your status information available to any company that uses the GTFS-Realtime standard (e.g. Google, other journey planners and mobile, cell or smartphone Apps).

GTFS-Realtime status will reduce the calls to your customer service lines as passengers can self-serve, allowing your teams to focus on higher priority tasks. And you can easily have the status appear on your website or on apps without the need for involving IT each time the status changes.

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