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Making your tourism services easier to use is key to turning more prospects into customers, and more customers into promoters!

One of the biggest developments in marketing travel and destinations recently, has been the introduction of online journey planners. Online journey planners on sites such as Google, Apple, Bing and Yahoo or downloadable as various smartphone apps, allow potential customers to see how to get to and from a destination. Most people have noticed the "driving directions". However, increasingly for tourists the searches for public transport, ferry, train or bus services are becoming far more common.

If you have a location that is accessed by a regularly scheduled service or your tour follows a set route to specific locations, then you have an opportunity for your travel options to be presented on mapping apps, search results and journey planners. Although much of the press is about how the big internet companies are currently rolling out major public transportation providers schedules, we've been noticing that a number of smartphone app companies are using the myriad of smaller transit services as a way to distinguishing themselves. Getting your business appearing allows you to promote your business, provides a PR opportunity and improves customer service, and gets you one step head of the competition.

To get your schedule appearing, you will need to create a "GTFS data feed". That's where AddTransit can help. We can help you create this specially formatted computer file that contains your schedule, stops and company details. We will also tell the maps, journey planners and apps about your new file and any further updates that you make. It's our aim to make your tourism business more successful.

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