Holidays and Events

Ensure your passengers can easily find out any changes and variations in your schedules and routes during holidays and special events.

Holidays and special events have special challenges, as regular travellers are disrupted by schedule and route changes and infrequent or visiting customers may be discovering your business for the first time while using unfamiliar or non-standard guides, software, or sources of advice. And of course, throughout these short disruptions, your aim remains keep your business functioning seamlessly, while at the same time ensuring everyone is informed enough to have an easy and enjoyable experience.

AddTransit's GTFS, GTFS Real-time status and Vehicle Tracking offer three solutions to achieving the best possible outcome.

  • GTFS: An updated GTFS file allows the altered schedule to be communicated to numerous Search engines, Online Maps, Apps and Journey Planners
  • GTFS Real-time: This provides you with a way to communicate immediately any unexpected delays, detours, alterations that can occur. Often during holidays and events, the passenger, public relations and social media impacts can be larger than normal, so it is important to be as pro-active with communications as possible
  • Vehicle Tracking: Sometimes the key thing a waiting passenger needs to know is that their ride is approaching. An unfamiliar setting becomes less "risky" if they can see their ride is just around the corner. Alternatively, if they have misjudged their timing and just missed their ride, then this gives them the opportunity to make alternative plans.

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